On The Road Again

And now, at long last, the next phase of our journey begins. The last few weeks have been busy. Our homeowner dropped in for a two-week stay and initiated a flurry of activity! We ran around getting automobile repair estimates and looking for replacement kitchen sinks and cleaning the house in preparation for the new property managers to take pictures. We also showed the home to a potential renter and took both dogs and both cats to the vet.

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Clothes Shopping in the Big City -- Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX

Today was a big treat – my neighborhood friend Yolanda took me shopping all around the city center area near the big cathedral in downtown Guadalajara.

There are so many stores for everything you can imagine.  There’s even a building the size of Sears or Penney’s, multiple floors, that is full, full, full of nothing but jewelry shops.  Lots of police all around that one – with big dogs, beautiful Belgian Malinois.

There are some expensive fru-fru stores, but we didn’t go to those.  I’m on a budget, and I need things for the heat and the beach.  My heavy dark pants and tops aren’t going to cut it anymore.  Usually I shop and shop and buy nothing, but today was a good day, starting with a nice little comfy artsy top for 130 pesos ($9.40).

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Day Trip! Tlaquepaque/Guadalajara

Our friends in the neighborhood, Jean-Pierre and Yolanda Luisser, French-Canadians from Quebec, invited us to join them on a day trip to Guadalajara on Sunday, March 25. Oh, boy! A trip to the big city with someone who knows where to go and what to see – and most importantly, how to drive in that crazy place! So we set out about 10 in the morning, first stop Tlaquepaque, a town on the outskirts that I first heard about on The Travel Channel long ago.

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