Puerto Escondido

House sit? On a private beach? At a yoga retreat that hasn’t opened yet? There are calm rock pools to swim in out of the crashing surf? The work part is to walk the dogs on the beach and feed them and the cats? OH, YEAH! So after concluding our house sit in Chapala, we made our way across the large landscape that is Mexico. Our visas were to expire before the house sit concluded, so we needed to get to Guatemala for three days so that we would have another 180 days in Mexico.

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Ninety Days In Mexico -- Travelers or Livers?

Random thought of the day:

I’m not a traveler, I’m a liver!

No, not that kind of liver! I should probably explain…

Most everyone doing what we are doing refers to it as travel. If we have a blog, we’re ‘travel bloggers.’ If someone asks what we do, family and friends tell them we are traveling. But we’ve been taking care of this house here in Chapala, Mexico for three months now. That’s not traveling! We live here.

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