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A Taste of Texas old style

We won’t be back in Texas for very long, but one thing we want to do a bit differently this visit is to see some sights, things we haven’t seen before, in spite of living here for most of our lives. In other words,we’re going to visit Texas like a tourist!

Massage We went along with our friends Steve and Joyce to see the home show in Fort Worth. It’s sort of a tradition. Of course we don’t own a home anymore, and all of our rentals are overseas, so we’re not really the target audience. But Bryn really likes home shows. She got a free massage and a couple of TENS unit massages. She also got an application of some sort of miracle face cream, but only under one eye. It was kinda like a partial spa day. She sampled dips and listened to product spiels worthy of their own infomercial. Me, I just walked around taking pictures and sending them to Facebook.

Special Guest: Chewbacca The home show was at the Fort Worth Convention Center. There were two other groups using the facilities on the same weekend. One was a conference for some MLM product, . They had high-dollar BMW’s parked out front and were giving the attendees rides. I presume that these are some sort of incentive that you can theoretically attain if you sign up enough people underneath you. Also at the convention center was a BigFoot conference. Tempting, but we had a whisky tasting and distillery tour to attend!

Whiskey Distillery 20

Yes, Texas has a bourbon whiskey distillery! The first one in north Texas, one of very few outside ofKentucky. They describe themselves as ‘artisan’ and we really enjoyed the tour. Currently the only product available is a blended whiskey. I’m not a big fan of straight whiskey so I can’t comment intelligently on the taste, which each tour participant was given. They are also barreling TONS of bourbon, which will be aged for two years. I think the first bottling will be in late 2013 or early 2014.

That’s all for now – enjoy the pics!

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