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Ninety Days In Mexico -- Travelers or Livers?

Random thought of the day:

I’m not a traveler, I’m a liver!

No, not that kind of liver! I should probably explain…

Most everyone doing what we are doing refers to it as travel. If we have a blog, we’re ‘travel bloggers.’ If someone asks what we do, family and friends tell them we are traveling. But we’ve been taking care of this house here in Chapala, Mexico for three months now. That’s not traveling! We live here.

Sure, it’s only temporary. In July we are going to travel across half of Mexico and go visit some people that will be housesitting in Antigua, Guatemala. We’ll be taking the wonderful first-class buses they have here in Mexico. Tons of legroom, reclining seats, your very own video screen with tons of movie selection. We will stop in Guanajuato and San Miguel again, and we’ll probably check out a pyramid and maybe a volcano. After spending a few days in Guatemala we can renew our visas and return to Mexico.

Then we will spend a month taking care of some pets at a yoga retreat near Puerto Escondido.

So sure, some travel is involved, but then we stop and move in to some home or building and stay for an extended period. Technically most people refer to this as slow travel. Maybe it could also be called fast living! No, wait – that doesn’t sound right either…

But seriously – by the time this is all over we will have spent seven or eight or more months in Mexico. That ain’t travelin’, that’s livin’!



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