We Are Homeless and Living in our Car

It’s official, we are homeless, and living in our car!

We’ve been anticipating posting this for weeks now.  Unfortunately, we didn’t exactly make it down to just one car yet.  The Kia didn’t sell the first time we put it on eBay.  As it turns out, this saved us a trip and a hassle as we filled both cars to the brim just to get out of the apartment.  Glenn’s poor little hatchback was almost dragging the ground!  Getting rid of twenty years worth of accumulated junk is hard, and the final choices are the hardest.

All along we had to decide to either sell, give away, donate, recycle or trash.  We have been making weekly recycling runs ever since we moved into Denton, but once the cars were full, anything else we found had to be dumped, and we really hate adding to landfills!  If we weren’t such good procrastinators, we could have avoided a lot of stress.  But we excel at putting things off, so we were delivering and recycling and filling up the dumpster right up until the very end.  Bryn even delivered a vacuum cleaner to a co-worker’s office at the courts building right at 5:00pm!

Hopefully we are done with deadlines for awhile.  We will probably take a few weeks to finish prepping for the road trip while visiting with family.  We still have to narrow down our possessions to one car’s worth and sell a few more things on eBay and upgrade some tech gear.  Then it’s all fun and games!



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