Notes From the Fringe

Conversations with others remind us just how far out ideas of financial independence can seem to many.  Most are content with the typical structure, where the ability to pay for food and shelter is closely tied to the most recent paycheck.

Conversations like this happen frequently with many people, and I come away from them feeling like I’m on a different planet. My ideas seem to have pushed me to the very fringe of society. “Don’t pay any attention to that man, he’s a little crazy.” And I think it is a sad commentary when the ideas of being financially independent, not working directly for another entity and being free to live anywhere are perceived as fringe concepts. For most people the pursuit of happiness begins and ends on the weekend.

This is another area where the internet shines brightest. Sure, there are negative consequences too, like information overload (do I really need to know about local politics on the other side of the world?) but I can find and connect with like-minded souls from all over the globe. I don’t have to feel so isolated, so alone, so crazy.

I hope many can find similar comfort here.



Retired I.T. nerd - expat in Mexico