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Tails from the Tiki Bar

[written 5/25/2011]

Yes, tails – great, furry, wagging, flagging tails!  We visited the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary today (Wednesday) after a long, leisurely hike at El Morro, the historic inscription rock with signatures and sentiments of travelers to this only sure watering hole dating from the 1600s and petroglyphs up to 1000 years old and native ruins atop a high bluff.

The wolves were awesome with their amber eyes and musical howls.  The whole place erupted in greeting (chow time, new meat? LOL) as we began our tour with Mikel from Sweden.  Mikel and his girlfriend Jane, who was “giftshop girl” that day so didn’t get to give tours, came all the way from Sweden just to volunteer at the wolf sanctuary.  She said there are only a few over 200 wolves left in Sweden, and their government is allowing hunting of them again.  They are here to learn for 6 months and take back knowledge to join the fight to save Swedish wolves from extinction. Lofty goals for for these great 20-somethings.

Back to the wolves in their large, somewhat sculpted enclosures for each male/female pair (neutered, not breeding pairs!) and two “packs.”  Many of their names were changed because they get too many named Dakotas, Cheyennes, etc.  All their animals are captive-bred wolves or wolf-dogs with sad stories of money-grubbing breeders and owners who suddenly discovered their wild animal wasn’t suitable for their household. Ya think?!


When you breed a wolf and a dog, you never know how much wolf will be in each of the several pups.  All in a litter can be totally different.  We learned about wolf vs. dog behaviors and physical build.  It was fascinating. This sanctuary runs totally on voluntary donations of meat, money, and time, and workers live on property.  If you come to NM, be sure to come see the wolves!

We are still at the El Morro RV Park with the Ancient Way Cafe.  The cast of characters here is fabulous.  This little artsy community in the middle of nowhere mostly take chosen names over their given names, and they are a very colorful, tight-knit group.  We have Maqui, the camp manager with Guido, the big fuzzy dog; Red Wulf Running Bare – yes, bare, the baker; Standing Feather the chef, Amy the waitress; Rosie, another cook; Genevieve, who runs the gallery across the street; and the many other locals that come into the cafe.  Many of the community  just did a production of a play, Sordid Lives, up in Gallup and received rave reviews.  I only wish we had been able to be there.  Descriptions and photos just aren’t enough.  I love this place!

Roxi is working on getting a better wine selection for the bar and developing some signature cocktails.  She and Speedy send their love and wish you all well!




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