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One More Week Until Mexico

What would you do if you had only one week left in the country you were born and raised in?

I know what we’re going to do – work! Looks like we’ll be able to fit our stuff into our Rick Steves carry-on bags, but there are a lot of little leftover pieces and parts. So today is eBay day!  We plan on heading to Denton on Friday. Glenn will be seeing some old co-workers for the first time in a long time, and we are trying to work in a few other people as well.

We ended up renting a car which we’ll drop off at the airport when we are ready to depart next week. Our homeowner sent us a few car parts to take with us, so we’ll have one bag to check, which gives us a bit of extra room for miscellaneous items if we can’t fit them in the overhead bags. Speaking of bags…

The picture you see attached to this article is from 2008. We packed for our trip to Mexico using two bags each. One overhead, one under the seat. All carry-on, no checked bags. This time we’re doing the same thing (not counting the checked bag of car parts) but there is one major difference between now and 2008 — this time we’re not going for ten days, we’re going for several months! Basically, this is everything we own.

OK, enough chit-chat – time to get busy!



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