The Interesting People of San Cristobal de las Casas

There are many reasons I love cities like San Cristobal de las Casas. One major reason is the unique blend of people here. Sure, you can find interesting people anywhere, but some places are magnets. The tourists are interesting enough as it is. Lots of neo-hippies with their long dreads, baggy yoga pants, piercings, tattoos and sandals. Many of them busk with music or silly entertainment acts, or do the street-performer thing. But there are so many of them that, after awhile, they begin to represent a kind of normal. They cease to stand out. But there are others.

Recently I was walking down the sidewalk and was passed by a young Mexican with his pet iguana. It was bright green and connected to a leash and riding on top of his head. That’s not something you see every day.

On that same day I passed the Templo Mexicano church near our apartment. In the plaza out front a gentleman was having a fight with a payphone booth, literally. Evidently it had insulted him. He hit it a few times, then picked up the handset and threatened the phone with it. He was yelling incoherently the whole time. He was also wearing nothing but his underwear.

Today an interesting person visited the restaurant I was sitting here working in. He is the reason I finally got around to writing this post, which has otherwise been bouncing around in my head. He was wearing the following:

  • Straw western-style hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Red bandana tied around the neck
  • six pens, all different colors, tucked into the front of his shirt, not in his shirt pockets
  • green bandana wrapped around his left hand

Hanging from his belt:

  • 2 caps, one on each side – both appeared new
  • one screwdriver, still attached to the price card from the store
  • additional cell phone
  • toenail clippers
  • USB memory stick
  • Large set of keys
  • carved wooden horse, hanging from what may have been a decorative bridle

Separately he was carrying the following:

  • mesh shoulder bag/tote full of things
  • Jacket
  • Cell Phone plugged in and charging – and playing a radio station with a lot of static
  • digital camera
  • golf ball

Many of these items were hanging from large carabiners sturdy enough to support thousands of pounds.

See? Interesting, no?



Retired I.T. nerd - expat in Mexico