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The Tiki BaRV -- a Reality!

The Tiki BarV is open!  Roxi is an excellent little proprietress serving up her special concoctions and showing off Speedy the snake to unsuspecting patrons.  She loves the traveling life and adventure.  Come see us if we come near your neck of the woods!

Tent-sweet-tent lost its appeal fairly quickly.  It wasn’t bad, but all our stuff was jumbled in the back of the Montero, and I could never find what I needed without digging and many expletives.  For me, expletives mean I’m stressed, and that’s what we’re out here to get away from, right?  So we looked around and found this HUGE popup palace, and finally got it pretty well organized.   — Ahhhh!

Now, how do we get rid of all that nice camping gear so we have room in the Montero and don’t have to lug an extra 200 pounds or so around the country?  We’re open to ideas, so please comment!  We have the tent and a ground tarp, suitcase kitchen, Coleman 2-burner gas stove , two double-height twin air beds, and an instant-up screen shelter.  I put up a CraigsList ad and will pull it if it doesn’t sell and run it at the next place.  Maybe a flea market, set it all up and hope it sells without wasting all day there.  Thoughts?

It’s kind of nice to have a “home” again.  The weather doesn’t matter quite so much, so we should be able to avoid the motels that we’ve been relying on too heavily so far, although if you come out to Abq, the Sandia Peak Inn is a great little budget motel with a wonderful owner.

We’re both ready to leave Abq and start on this big adventure of ours.  Finally!  We’ve been trapped here by my surgery and getting the camper organized.  We’ve done a few cool local things, Sandia Peak drive and Bosque del Apache, but sitting here in the KOA isn’t our dream life.  We’re off tomorrow to head for Grants, NM, where we will see some very interesting things.  Stay tuned!

Tonight is celebration night, clam chowder, salmon patties, wine and cheese and crackers, with music from the computer!  Whoopeeeee!


Cheers, everybody!



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