Four Foolish Years

On this day:

  • Four years ago – we moved out of our 2,000 square foot home with the three-car garage and downsized to an apartment. On purpose.
  • Three years ago – we moved out of the apartment and were officially homeless, living in a popup camper for six months.
  • Two years ago – we were living in Chapala, Mexico.
  • Last year, nothing significant happened. We were back in the USA visiting family.

But this year, it’s back! April Fool’s day is, once again, a standout day on our calendar. Not because of where we are, or where we are going. Today is a big deal because we have been selected as the winners of the Digital Nomad contest!

That’s right – we’re officially Digital Nomads now!

OK, we were already that. But we were selected from almost 2,000 entries! We won! And we get some amazing cool prizes! Here’s what’s included in our Digital Nomad Survival Kit:

  • An official oDesk Digital Nomad t-shirt
  • A super-cool North Face Surge II backpack
  • An iPad Mini with an official custom oDesk Digital Nomad case!

A92P_A7U_hero ipad-mini-step1-black-2013


And here’s some more good news — you, too, can be a Digital Nomad! No, really. Check out this video:

Interested in joining the Digital Nomad revolution? I can think of no better place to start than oDesk. Interested in hiring a freelancer? Same answer!



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