A Year In Mexico

La Pochota -- a kapok tree that has been here since the town was founded in the 16th century

We enjoyed San Cristobal de las Casas so much we ended up staying there for six months. But towards the end it began to feel like we had stayed too long. Eventually we began exploring our next move. When we discovered that some friends from Seattle were going to visit Belize in January, our plans were set.

We spent a few days in Playa del Carmen, then ventured on to Ambergris Caye, the northernmost island of Belize. We spent several days there, then another ten days shared with Rand and Angie.

Then we had a decision to make – what next? Our long-term plans were to go south, but we also knew that it would probably be awhile before we were this close to home again. We also wanted to get a second opinion on repair estimates for Bryn’s MacBook Air. Glenn was also a bit tired after spending a week sick from a cold. On top of all that, Glenn wanted to reconnect with his daughter and see his grandkids for the first time. All of these factors meant that it was time to fly to Texas and see family again.

So we’re back in Texas and reconnecting with a lot of people, trying to get things done. The MacBook repair did not cost us the $850 that the shop in Mexico wanted. As a matter of fact, it ended up costing us ZERO dollars! Our awesome friends Joyce and Steve have very generously lent us a vehicle.

It is taking us a bit to adjust to the different pace here. Oddly enough, we were actually out of the country 360 days! If we had been tracking this we would have waited an extra week just to make it even…

We have lots of pictures and video to process and share, hopefully sooner rather than later.

What is the longest you have been outside of your home country?



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