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Vive les Français!

Saturday evening (May 14) we returned to camp at the Bernalillo, NM KOA to discover a van full of French youth at the spot next to ours. (L-R – John, Salome, Julien, Regis)  We introduced ourselves and had a nice long chat, exchanging information and tips.  They have been in Canada for the last year on a work visa, working odd jobs for awhile in Vancouver, then eventually at the ski facilities at Whistler.  Although they are all from France, they didn’t know each other until they met in Vancouver! They are now taking a brief tour through the U.S. before going home.  Two of them flew back to Montreal Tuesday to make the connection to Paris, the other two are driving back to Montreal in their van.

Fortunately for us, their English is excellent!  We enjoyed the conversation, and whatever they cooked that evening smelled so amazingly delicious I almost invited myself over for dinner.  They have somehow managed to transport four people and all of their gear across half of Canada, down through the upper MidWest, back over to Oregon and California, and eventually here to New Mexico in a GMC Safari van.  Regis and Julien shared a tent, the John and Salome shared an inflatable bed they somehow managed to set up inside the van.  They were kind enough to let us take some pictures of their gear organization and themselves (see below).

They are blogging about their adventures, mostly in French with some English thrown in.  You can read more at COBE life.  Au revoir!

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