What is a Vagabondian?

I think that is a fair question.  To be honest, just saying it out loud — “What is a Vagabondian?” makes me laugh.  It is a silly word, is it not?  But do we even know what a Vagabond is?  To some it is a poor tramp, a hobo.  To others it is someone who wanders and travels.  And to be honest, I had something closer to this last meaning in mind when I coined the word.  OK, so a few people have used it before me, but not in a web site name.

So what is a vagabondian?  Someone who travels, who wanders.  An explorer.  More precisely, someone who has an affinity for that sort of life.  So there you have it.  What is a Vagabondian?  A Vagabondian is someone who enjoys the life of a Vagabond and the company of other like-minded Vagabonds.

But really, I just made it up.  I thought it sounded a bit quirky, unique.  Do you agree?



Retired I.T. nerd - expat in Mexico