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If You Can't Stand The Heat, Get Out of Texas

As we approach our final few days in Texas our home state has decided to give us a warm send-off. VERY warm. Today’s high will reach 101-104. Friday it will hit 103-109, depending on which weather source you look at.


So to escape the heat, we’ll be traveling to Central America. Yes, that’s right, the place with the hot oceans and tropical jungles — much closer to the equator than Texas — and yet, also much cooler! The city we plan on visiting first is Matagalpa, Nicaragua. The elevation is only slightly above 2000 feet, and yet the temperature range for this time of year is typically 70-83. By going south we will be losing 15-20 degrees! Strange, isn’t it?

Waterfalls in Matagalpa

The key, of course, is altitude. We will be leaving the 604 ft. elevation of North Texas and going to the 2352 ft. elevation of central Nicaragua. It’s the heart of coffee country, and we will arrive at the beginning of the rainy season. We’re really looking forward to the cooler, wetter weather. I certainly hope Texas comes out of the drought soon — maybe next year?

Lake Austin Levels



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