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Destination: Nicaragua

At long, LONG last we’ve finally purchased tickets for our next destination: Nicaragua! We are so excited. We’ll even get to hook up with our buddy Wes Nations again! Fun times will be had. Sober times, not so much…


We have certainly enjoyed being able to see family and friends again, and even new family (sort of, long story) but living here is making us gain weight and spend too much money! We will miss my parents and brother and sister-in-law and my daughter and grandkids, and all of our friends, but we started getting antsy to get on the road again after about 90 days. But we did what we came to do, and now we’re getting back to the travel. Here’s a quick list of things we accomplished in addition to seeing people:

  • Bryn finished her TEFL certification and is now prepped to teach English
  • Bryn’s sister in California got to fly in and visit us for a few days
  • Glenn discovered that people will actually pay for him to set up, maintain and repair web sites
  • Bryn got to fly to Michigan to visit her sister and family there
  • Glenn got to attend a WordPress business and development conference in Austin
  • We sold our MacBooks and iPods and bought new, cheap laptops and Android smartphones
  • We both got Keen sandals!

So now we’re off for the next phase. After a year in Mexico w/ short side-trips to Guatemala and Belize, it’s time to dig in to Central America. We’re skipping Honduras and El Salvador for various visa-related reasons and heading to Managua, Nicaragua. But not for long. The general consensus is that Managua isn’t that fun, so we’re planning on taking the first bus to Matagalpa and we’ll travel around from there.

Only 17 days until departure!



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