Happy New Year! Time's A'wastin'!

I read this from a Facebook friend:

My wish for everyone in 2012 -

12 months of happiness
52 weeks of fun
365 days success
8760 hours good health
52600 minutes good luck
3153600 seconds of joy !!
Happy New Year’s Eve Hugs !!! ♥
{: style=“text-align: center;” }

{: align=“left” } Sounds nice!  But I started thinking about it:  8760 hours in a year.  Not all that many when you think of a whole year.  How many do I just WASTE of my LIFE?  This is my most important asset we’re talking about here:  MY LIFE!  Only one time around, no do-overs.  How much time do I spend these days just sitting in front of my computer basically doing absolutely nothing?  Not fun, not productive, just nothing; boredom?  That just totally SCARED me!  I’m no spring chicken anymore.  Can I afford to just throw that many hours away?  Trash.  Nothing.  Can I?  Can you?

Then I thought, well, you have to subtract 8 per day for sleeping/staring into space/hoping to sleep, and it’s only 5840.  Then you have to spend, say,  1.25 hours in the bathroom a day:  5384.  Then there’s time eating/cooking/cleaning the kitchen and dishes, say 2 hrs a day:  4654.  Over a whole year, I only have about 4654 hours to LIVE.  That’s only 12.75 hours a day.

{: align=“right” } When I get to my death bed (presuming nothing sudden happens early), will I say, Wow, I sure wish I’d worked more hours, spent more time playing computer games, spent more time in virtual space doing whatever, spent more time just “resting”?  No I will not!

SO….I hereby apologize to myself for all my wasted time in this one life I have been allotted – apology accepted – and I resolve to spend my time more wisely.  I wouldn’t just flush dollars for no reason, would I?  No, I wouldn’t.  Life is so much more valuable than money.  You can always make more money.  You can never make more life or more time.  Spent is spent.

HAPPY NEW LIFE, EVERYBODY!  What will you do with this year?



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