Tales From the Tiki Bar - 2

This one’s for the girls.  Get your umbrella drink and come on over here; it’s kinda personal.

No matter who you are there comes a time when ya just reeeeeally gotta pee.  Here at this nice KOA campground one nice thing is their beautiful super-clean potties.  The downside?  They close them for the sparkle treatment for two hours, 11-1 p.m.  Great!  Not!

But I had a plan, mostly for nighttime emergencies to avoid dark hikes.  This time it happened to be daytime.  I ran for my Go-Girl and my new handy-dandy male urinal ($5.99 Walmart).  Got everything in place the instant before my legs were going to get wet!  AAAAAHHHHHhhhhhhh!

How do you spell relief at camp, in the woods, at the lake, at a festival with nasty Porta-Potties, or just any public potty?  I’m glad you asked!  Go Girl Go in private or go with the big dogs — standing up!  (picture line of guys with their backs turned, and one super-girl!)  No squatting  and peeing on your shoe or hovering hoping not to get your nether regions defiled.  I had another brand that my friends can tell you didn’t work so well — hey, stop laughing – I see you!  Hard plastic and it took practice in the shower to use.  This one is soft and has backwash barriers so there’s no muss, no fuss.  Just relief.  Keep the little tube case in your purse at all times!

No affiliate program, so I’m not making any scratch here (unfortunately). Just truth.
Roxi sez it’s the bee’s knees!

Cheers, girls!



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