Waterfalls Day!

If you come to Chiapas, Mexico, all the tour companies have trips to see waterfalls Misol Ha and Aguas Azul. The van dropped us off and said to “walk that way,” come back in an hour. Not sure what we would encounter, we walked. Yes, it was worth it!

Loretta came prepared to experience the waters and swim, so she got the whole wet experience, taking the path up behind the falls. Very wet, windy area from the force of so much water!

Then it was back into the van for the drive to the Cascadas Aguas Azul.

It seems that every brochure or poster for Chiapas has a picture of this gorgeous area. It had been raining quite a bit, so we were warned that the water might be more marron (brown) than azul (blue), but we wanted to see the cascades anyway. If it gets better than this, I don’t know how!

Both of these waterfalls are run by the local indigenous groups, and they live here. Seems that each family has a booth to sell food or crafts. The walkway up to the top of Aguas Azul is long and jam-packed with things for sale, from tasty empanadas to clothing and jewelry to what claimed to be small meteorites.

Many people swim in the pools below the multiple waterfall areas, but the water is ice-cold, so be warned! Loretta was determined to get the most out of her trip and said, “cold, but you get used to it and it’s nice.” I’m not sure I believe her. While I relaxed and read a book, I soaked my feet in the water and they were cold the whole time!

Though both falls areas are popular tourist sites and have many vendors, they have managed a balance that is very enjoyable. I’m very glad we decided to take this tour!

Enjoy the pictures from both our cameras!

More photos from the Waterfalls of Misol Ha:

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