Exit, Stage Right!

When we first started telling people about our plans and handing out our ‘business’ cards I was expecting some negative reactions.  I fully anticipated that some would question our sanity, or at least our judgment.  I expected twenty questions, or a bit of an interrogation.  And yet everyone we told seemed to genuinely be excited for us, even encouraging.  They were jealous, they thought it was a great idea, and they wished it could be them.

We have now left our jobs, our apartment, and even our home town of many years, Denton, and co-workers and friends have been bidding us farewell over the last couple of weeks.

Bryn was given a going-away lunch from her boss and office mates, a surprise gypsy-themed dinner and dance from her Jazzercise class, an extra-special Jazzercise class with all of her favorite songs, and a surprise lunch from her fellow court reporters in the County.  In addition to this, multiple people gave her $100 checks!  Obviously Bryn was very loved and will be greatly missed by all.

Me?  I got one free lunch and a hangover.  Draw your own conclusions…

But to be serious for a moment, we just wanted to thank all of you for the many gifts you have given, the homes you have given to many of our previous possessions and the support.  We hope we can live up to your expectations for our adventures!  We will be spending a couple of weeks in the D/FW area tying up loose ends, delivering a few remaining items, upgrading some technology and selling the Kia.  We are staying with Glenn’s parents and doing a few home repair items as well.

We hope to finally hit the road by mid-April and head north.  We’ll keep you posted.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!



Retired I.T. nerd - expat in Mexico