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Clothes Shopping in the Big City -- Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX

Today was a big treat – my neighborhood friend Yolanda took me shopping all around the city center area near the big cathedral in downtown Guadalajara.

There are so many stores for everything you can imagine.  There’s even a building the size of Sears or Penney’s, multiple floors, that is full, full, full of nothing but jewelry shops.  Lots of police all around that one – with big dogs, beautiful Belgian Malinois.

There are some expensive fru-fru stores, but we didn’t go to those.  I’m on a budget, and I need things for the heat and the beach.  My heavy dark pants and tops aren’t going to cut it anymore.  Usually I shop and shop and buy nothing, but today was a good day, starting with a nice little comfy artsy top for 130 pesos ($9.40).

Next we went to another store where I bought a fluffy dressy blouse for 180 pesos ($13.02) and an open-knit ziz-zag top for 130 pesos ($9.40).

We went in three shoe shops before they had my choice of sandals for my big size 8 feet.  Those set me back 160 pesos ($11.57).

Got a nice jersey sundress for 120 pesos ($8.68) and some decorated jeans for 150 pesos ($10.85).

We wandered through the huge multi-story market with stalls and stalls of everything from cow feet and ankles to veggies to little birds to clothing and purses and toys and pink guitars in green cases to mariachi suits adult to baby size.  I really don’t know how you would cook a cow hoof with about 10 inches of leg, but apparently somebody does.  And I have a local friend who loves to eat chicken feet that are sold everywhere you buy chicken.

I bought a nice leather belt for Glenn for 180 pesos ($13.02) and Yo bought some little purses to give as gifts on her trip back to Canada in a couple of weeks.

I also bought a cotton skirt that I didn’t really want that bad, but she kept coming down on the price.  It wasn’t the price I objected to but finally I felt I had to buy it.  It will be great in the beach heat though.  Not $250 pesos ($18.08) but 190 pesos ($13.74).

We went into the big cathedral and sat for a few minutes looking at the beautiful carving work on the arches and the stained glass.

We had lunch at Yo’s favorite restaurant downtown, El Mexicano, and arrachera that was really good, though not as good as the one we had in Tlaquepaque.  It’s thin flank steak, marinated and cooked to tender perfection.  So good!  We have it wherever we go and judge each restaurant on it.

So amazingly I bought eight major clothing items and spent a whopping $89.69 US.  Do that in Dallas!



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