An update

This will be brief, but I feel like I have to post something due to the long delay between articles.

First, our apologies for not having more to say. To be honest, last year we shifted from active traveling to more of an expat lifestyle. Still, there were plenty of past travel events to write about and catch up on, and we are working on those but they aren’t up yet. Coming soon, promise.

Second, we have discovered that Bryn simply doesn’t enjoy writing. The entire process is a lot more work than enjoyment for her, which means that keeping up blog posts is Glenn’s job. And Glenn used to do this on a fairly regular basis, but…

Third, Glenn has been extremely busy. He has worked 40-50 hours a week on web development for the last 18 months. The money was ok, and it helped pay the bills, but it left little time or energy for our own site.

Fourth, and finally, big changes are afoot! Glenn and Bryn have decided to go back to the States and finish out Glenn’s pension vesting. He’ll still be working 40 hours a week, but when he retires he will get a decent amount of money every month, long after he stops working. Going back to a ‘real’ job isn’t what we had intended, but thirty years from now it’s very likely that we will appreciate the extra income.

So that’s the news here. Glenn is working on a revamp of the site using a new photo storage service, and we fully intend to catch up on all the trips we’ve taken, going back to the early 90’s! Stay tuned, and thanks for reading.



Retired I.T. nerd - expat in Mexico