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Tales from the Tiki Bar - 1

Cheers, friends! Everyone got your umbrella drink? Excellent!

After a few wild days of storm chasing, here we are near Lawton, OK, outside Cache at the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge enjoying the beauty and peace and quiet. No, wait….the banshee call of the kid monsters over there killed the peace and chased off everything. Well, everything except the big male bison grazing over by the potty building! He’s gorgeous and takes no notice of mere humans. toast
I love this place! Note to self: Gotta watch out for the ginormous bison poop piles on the trails within the campground when hiking to the potty during the night!

At least they quieted the peace-killers at 10 sharp….but not a minute sooner. Good news! They are leaving in the morning! We can stay here a few days!

More later….Salud! and g’night!



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