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Tales from Vagabondia, the Ancient Way

Greetings from the middle of nowhere.  For real.  The nearest ATM is an almost 20-mile round trip.  Nearest Walmart is in Grants, NM, 40 miles one way.  Here is a mix of unique people dealing with life together in a secluded, beautiful place.  Life and living can be harsh in this high desert area, but to them it’s all worth it.  Here everyone is free to be themselves or figure out who that self might be or become.

Everyone we met was just so friendly and caring, we felt almost like we just belonged here.  The natural setting, the people, the fresh air, the solitude combine to make this a very healing atmosphere to spend time in.  It’s a wonderful place to create art, whether it be with paint, music, percussion, cooking, collage, or arranging rocks on the ground, and to just find your expression.  If ever there was a place I could call Vagabondia, it’s here.  Don’t fit the normal city businessperson life?  Here may be where you could belong or reinvent yourself and claim a new name.  There’s no end to the possibilities here for doing good for others, the community, and for yourself, to grow and expand your personal and cultural horizons, even to be forced to learn and grow because of the conditions of life and living here.  Wouldn’t be an easy road, but few things really worth it are.

The Ancient Way Cafe and El Morro RV Park and surrounding businesses like the Old School Gallery and the Inscription Rock Trading and Coffee Co., with workers and customers coming from “nearby” towns, all seemed to blend to make a close community.  In my last post I mentioned most of the new friends we’ve made – well, I wish I could develop friendships with them, but alas, we leave today after a final breakfast.

Yes, I probably have formed an idealistic impression of everything I’m talking about, but is that all bad, since I’m here and gone?  Vagabondia is an ideal in itself, after all.

One of my favorite sayings 

(S)he who returns from a journey is not the same as (s)he who left. –Chinese proverb

is certainly true here.  I will never be the same, having crossed the paths, however briefly, of those I met here.  Farewell and thank you all!  May all good things flow your way!

The Tiki BaRV WAS heading for Mesa Verde to discover the ancient cliff dwellings and hike the paths the ancients took – after a brief night in a motel to keep from freezing our pipes – BUT our LP gas had some kind of a problem.  We seem to be running in circles, and we’re once again in Albuquerque camped in a park next door to Camping World.  Now the gas problem fixed itself.  Sheesh!  Stay tuned to see if we ever get out of NM or if we are stuck in a perpetual Groundhog Day movie!

Cheers, everybody!

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